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DCP considers every domain purchase or sale very important, and we treat each transaction as if it is the biggest one we have ever done. If you have a domain you want to sell or a domain you want to buy, contact us to handle the transaction. Our process is very simple:

1. You sign our broker agreement giving us legal right to represent your domain.
2. We appraise the domain using our proprietary process.
3. If we represent the seller, we use our marketing resources to get the word out
4. If we represent the buyer, we approach the seller discreetly and professionally.
5. We handle all negotiations until a price is agreed by both parties
6. We use our Escrow partner, to handle the cash transaction.
7. You pay us a 5-20% broker fee within 5 days of transaction being complete.

It is that simple!

We are experienced Domain Brokers that have worked with some of the largest domain buyers and sellers on the Internet. Let us help you find the domain that is right for you!
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If you are interested, please contact us today.

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