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Starting any PPC campaign can feel like your at the slot machines in Vegas hoping for a big payout, or a clear, concise, marketing plan to increase business. If you selected the first scenerio, you may need to do a little bit more research before continuing your campaign. You are spending your hard earned money and PPC can feel like you are just spending it each month, but not getting any ROI.

DCP can help you develop a plan to ensure that you are spending your money in the right place and that you have a good plan in place to measure your ROI.

For example, if you sell shoes online, you need to make sure that what you are spending on PPC is covered in the profit you receive for every shoe sold. If you spend $1000 a on PPC, you better make sure you are selling enough shoes to cover your operating costs as well as your PPC to sell that shoe. Using the tools available from many PPC providers, you can ensure this is happening each month.

A good PPC campaign requires constant changes and review of the traffic that is being driven to your site. DCP utilizes the latest tools available to ensure your PPC campaign is a profitable one.

We recommend the following PPC Services:

Google Adwords

Google AdWords provides the best PPC management system and the most traffic. Google consistantly beats out Yahoo and Microsoft Live search engines when it comes to searches online. That means more eyes will view your Ads!.

There's an initial cost of $5 to set up an account and bids start at $0.01, although you should expect to pay a lot more than this for popular keywords.

Yahoo Advertising

Yahoo! Search Marketing maintains a highly professional, well maintained site. It pioneered the pay-per-click search engine model in 1997,after seeing a need for a more focused search engine. After operating as the name was changed to Overture and in 2005 it was rebranded as Yahoo!Search Marketing.

Microsoft Live Advertising

Microsoft adCenter is a fairly new to the industry. They have already started to make a major impact in the PPC market with new tools and services.

It offers a great range of features and only requires $5 to get started.


Although all three of the services listed above can assist you in setting up campaigns, keep in mind that they are in the business of getting you to spend money with them. Let DCP work directly with them to ensure you are getting the ROI you require.
If you want to learn more about how DCP can save your money, please contact us today.

Yahoo! Search Marketing

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